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A mangled wreck of a ship stands on the wasteland, overlooking the vast stretch of nothingness. The skies above are dull. Snorky glances around, and notices that his vibrant color contrasts the metaverse.

“Are we really in the right place?” One elephant asks.

Snorky's mother takes out her device from her pocket. She squints in the dusty wind. Snorky extends his trunk to tap her.

“It seems that we veered off course because of the comet.”

“How are we going to get to our new home?” Another pipes up, his tone worried.

“The ship survived some damages due to the impact. Our jet fuel is leaking out as we speak.”

The elephants gasp. Snorky's mother, also named Snorky as is their tribe's norm, glances downward at her son. He covers his eyes with his giant ears, then reopens them. His face morphs into a sulk when he notices that she is still standing before him, not engaging in their usual hide-and-seek game. She sighs.

“Go play with the other little ones. I have to speak to everyone about this serious issue,” she kisses his forehead.

Snorky stares at the group of children. He then returns his gaze to his mother, the leader of the Snorky elephants.

She always has to work. I don't fit in, so I don't want to play with the others. I want to sit by her side. He thinks.

Snorky runs off to give the illusion of following her orders, but makes a turn to go back to the adults. He hides behind his uncle, the tallest and largest elephant.

“Can we not head back?” A female voice freaks out.

“I can fix the fuel compartment, but it will take some time.”

A Gradient Wallpaper

“How long?” Snorky's uncle rumbles, causing his body to vibrate. The little elephant stifles a giggle.

“Around-” his mother pauses, “four to six months.”

Murmurs erupt from the crowd.

“However, we can set up camp here while the repairs go on.”

“This is no place to live. Our children are not safe here,” a manly voice declines.

“Actually, this planet has no inhabitants. The chemicals in the air are the same as those at home, and we will not survive if we choose not to build structures. We already have equipment in the ship. There are 5858 of us, so the process will be easy.”

The Snorky elephants stare at each other. Although reluctant, they know their leader is reasonable.

“Will we play?” Snorky asks. His trunk goes over his mouth in shock.

“Snorky? Where are you? Why aren't you with the rest?”

Snorky steps away from his uncle and moves forward with his head down. His mother's face softens as she embraces him in a hug.

“We will make this land our home, and open it to any visitors. And yes, you will play. We'll have a portion of the metaverse set aside for games where everyone can participate and earn. This is it … this is Snorkyland.”

The elephants cheer. Snorky smiles up at his mother.

Collection of 9898 Elephant Snorky NFTs - Snorky has the personality of a small child. He is playful, innocent, fun-loving, and loves being around his mother and father, he hates being alone. So, he is looking for you !

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Features and Plans

  • Community pass and token ( $Sny) for all future drops & collections.
  • Metaverse.
  • Legendary NFTs.
  • P2E game connected to the ,,Gamer NFT Network,,
  • Giveaways & rewards in Eth.
  • Snorky wallet only for members.
  • And much more to come ,Snorky is not only NFT, its a little piece of Metaverse , Web3 community, fan club, Game, way to live!

More to Come !

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