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The rise of non-fungible tokens has been nothing short of a revolution in the world of digital assets. These unique digital collectibles have gained popularity as a

form of digital ownership and expression. However, the NFT market is not without its challenges. Many NFT projects lack real utility and exist solely as artistic or collectible items. The market is saturated with NFT collections that fail to provide meaningful engagement or benefits beyond ownership. Recognizing this gap in the market, Snorky NFT Collection has been designed to address these issues head-on.

The Snorky NFT Collection, consisting of 9898 Snorky PFPs in stunning 4K quality,

represents a revolutionary shift in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each

Snorky NFT is more than just a digital artwork; it's a gateway to a multifaceted

ecosystem brimming with opportunities for its holders. Snorky transcends the

boundaries of traditional NFTs by offering an array of tangible benefits and an

ever-expanding suite of utilities. From a native token and token staking to an

immersive gaming experience, Snorky is redefining what it means to be a part of

an NFT community.

This whitepaper serves as a comprehensive guide to the Snorky NFT Collection,

delving into every aspect of our project. Its primary purpose is to provide potential

investors, collectors, and enthusiasts with a clear understanding of the value

proposition Snorky brings to the NFT space.

Snorky NFT’s


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Market Analysis

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has witnessed a meteoric rise in recent

years, becoming a transformative force within the broader cryptocurrency and blockchain space. NFTs, which represent unique digital assets with distinct ownership records, have captured the attention of artists, collectors, investors, and creators alike.

The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has been growing rapidly. Accordingto

a report by DappRadar, the total sales volume of NFTs in 2021 was over USD 10

billion, a significant increase from the previous year and it is expected to reach

USD 211.72 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 34.2%.

$200 Billion

Daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies


Trillion 2025

Total Market Cap of

Cryptocurrencies in 2025

In addition, the total market cap of cryptocurrencies has already reached a

staggering $2 trillion, and it is expected to grow to $3 trillion by 2025. Recent data

indicates that the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies has exceeded $200

billion, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most actively traded digital assets.

With the growth of all these industries, the potential market for Snorky is

significant. By creating a decentralized platform that offers access to all these

industries and provides benefits through its crypto token, Snorky aims to tap into

these growing markets and provide users with a unique and valuable experience.


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Market Saturation

Many NFT collections offer little more than digital art for collectors to admire. They often lack real-world utility, leaving collectors with assets that serve primarily as visual representations. Snorky seeks to transcend this limitation by providing a range of tangible benefits to its NFT holders.


Market Saturation

The NFT market has witnessed a proliferation ​of projects, leading to oversaturation. This ​oversaturation can make it challenging for ​collectors to distinguish between valuable ​and less valuable NFTs. Snorky introduces a ​unique and value-driven concept to stand ​out in the crowd.


Lack of ​Community ​Engagement

Many NFT projects struggle to foster active ​and engaged communities. Without a ​vibrant community, NFT projects can ​stagnate and fail to realize their full ​potential. Snorky seeks to create a thriving ​and interactive community that actively ​participates in the project's growth.


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$SNY Token

The $SNY token is the lifeblood of the Snorky ecosystem, a versatile digital asset ​designed to empower and reward the community of Snorky NFT holders. The $SNY ​token is set to make its debut on October 30, 2023. At its core, $SNY serves as the ​primary medium of exchange within the Snorky ecosystem. It enables seamless ​and efficient transactions between community members, fostering an ecosystem ​that is both vibrant and interactive.

The $SNY token is a key component of the Snorky ecosystem, providing users with

a convenient and cost-effective way to pay for services inside the platform. The

players of the Snorky Land game can earn $SNY tokens as a reward for playing the

game. This adds an important utility for the $SNY Token, adding value to it.  As the

platform continues to grow, the value of the $SNY token is expected to increase,

making it an attractive investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Token Staking

The $SNY token provides a unique ​opportunity for token holders to stake ​their assets and earn rewards in return. ​Token staking is a mechanism by which ​holders lock their tokens for a specific ​period in exchange for additional $SNY ​tokens. This process not only ​encourages long-term holding but also ​actively engages the community in the ​project's growth.


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Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $SNY tokens ​Transaction tax:0% tax

Initial LP Lockup

A substantial portion of the initial liquidity provided for $SNY tokens is locked for ​a duration of 12 months. This lockup mechanism is implemented to create ​stability and liquidity for the token while preventing short-term manipulation.

Team Tokens Lockup

In a demonstration of commitment to the long-term success of Snorky, a ​significant portion of team tokens is locked. This lockup period ensures that the ​team's interests are aligned with the project's goals, and it instills confidence in ​the community

Contract Renouncement

The $SNY token contract has been renounced, meaning it has been ​permanently handed over to the community. This action underscores the ​project's commitment to decentralization and ensures that the token's future ​development is determined by the community.


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About Snorky NFT

The Snorky NFT Collection is a groundbreaking assembly of 9898 meticulously ​crafted, high-resolution 4K pixel art NFTs. Each Snorky represents an individual ​masterpiece, carefully designed to captivate the imagination and evoke a sense ​of wonder. Snorky NFTs are more than mere digital collectibles; they are a

gateway to a world of endless possibilities.

At the core of the Snorky NFT Collection lies a diverse range of captivating child

elephant characters, each brimming with personality and charm. These

characters are a manifestation of artistic creativity and technical precision,

offering collectors the opportunity to own unique pieces of digital art that

transcend the boundaries of traditional NFTs. Snorky is a thriving community of

like-minded enthusiasts. Holders of Snorky NFTs enjoy exclusive benefits, including

discounts on the $SNY token presale, airdrops of future collections, and

participation in special raffles. These incentives strengthen the bond between

Snorky and its community.

Additionally, what sets the Snorky NFT Collection apart from the multitude of NFT

projects is a profound commitment to utility and innovation. Snorky NFTs are not

confined to aesthetic value alone. They grant their holders access to a diverse

ecosystem that includes a native token, token staking, play-to-earn game, and

more. This comprehensive utility transforms Snorky NFTs into dynamic assets with

real-world applications.

Snorky NFT Collection aims to redefine the NFT landscape, offering a unique and

comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between art and utility. The Snorky

ecosystem empowers its holders to actively engage, derive real-world benefits,

and contribute to the project's ongoing success, ensuring a more fulfilling NFT

experience for all participants.


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Benefits and Utilities

As a Snorky NFT holder, you're not just acquiring a stunning piece of digital art; ​you're gaining access to a world of benefits and opportunities that elevate your ​ownership experience.






Discount on $SNY Token Presale

When you hold a Snorky NFT, you're entitled to a 10% discount on the presale ​of the $SNY token, scheduled to launch on October 30, 2023. This exclusive ​advantage means you'll have the opportunity to acquire $SNY tokens at a ​reduced price before the general public, potentially enhancing your ​investment portfolio.

Airdrops of Future Collections

Snorky holders automatically become eligible for airdrops of every future ​Snorky collection directly into their wallets. This means you'll receive exclusive ​NFTs from upcoming Snorky releases as a token of appreciation for your ​continued support.

Participation in Special Raffles

Participation in raffles allows Snorky NFT holders to vie for exclusive prizes, ​unique NFTs, and even more opportunities to expand their NFT collections. ​These raffles are your chance to win coveted assets and make your NFT ​journey even more exciting.

Early Access to Private Sales

Imagine having the privilege of minting Snorky NFTs from other collections in ​private sales before the broader public. Snorky NFT holders are granted this ​early access privilege, offering a unique and exclusive opportunity to expand ​their collections with sought-after NFTs.

Legendary Private Sales

The Snorky's League Gold Club presents an exceptional opportunity for our

collectors. Legendary Snorky NFTs will be available through exclusive private

sales within this elite club.

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Minting Details

Price: Free

The first 300 NFTs free mint is a unique offering ​from Snorky. As an ode to the early supporters ​and pioneers of the Snorky project, the OG Mint ​is completely free. There would be a limit of 1 ​NFT per wallet, this would allow more

individuals to become part of the project.


Free mint


Public Mint

Price:0.007 ETH

The Public Mint marks the broader release of the ​Snorky NFT Collection. Snorky NFTs are available ​to the public at a price of 0.007 ETH per NFT. In ​the public mint phase, the limit will increase to

10 NFTs per wallet.


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Snorky Game

The Snorky Game is poised to revolutionize the NFT gaming landscape. ​A rich and immersive digital world awaits, where Snorky NFT holders ​become active participants in a dynamic and competitive

environment. This innovative gaming experience offers diverse ​gameplay modes, earning opportunities, and exclusive NFT-backed ​content that makes your NFT collection more than just art—it's your key ​to adventure and rewards.

The Snorky Game provides a 'Play to Earn' feature that allows players to earn while playing the game. In Snorky Game’s digital universe, players are not only entertained but also rewarded for their participation. As you embark on

adventures within the game, you have the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards

in the form of $SNY tokens by completing in-game tasks and quests.

This 'Play to Earn' concept bridges the

gap between gaming and real-world

rewards, making the Snorky Game a

groundbreaking addition to the world of


Collaborating with: https://kevurugames.com


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Phase 01

Pink Sale Fair ​Launch

Fair Launch ​Marketing

Quick overflow ​pre-sale on Pink ​Sale

Listing On Coin ​Gecko and ​CoinMarketCap

Launch $SNY on ​UNISWAP

Phase 02

Multiple DEX ​Trending

Notify early ​supporters

Community / ​Team Building

Build socials (TG + ​Twitter)


Telegram Group ​Members

Instagram ​Followers

Twitter Followers

Buybot Trending

Phase 03

Snorky Token ​Staking

Listing On Major ​Exchanges

Influencer ​Marketing Push

Further Project ​Development

Further ​Partnerships

Launch Of ​Merchandise


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